Screaming Banshee Pixar CARS playset

I grabbed this a little while ago for my daughter. She loved the sounds it made in the store when she would move the wheels. So once I bought and got it home it is a pretty neat “playset” for the mini adventure vehicles in the CARS line. It also swallows up the Pittys as well. She enjoys it tons and still swings the movable shovel arm around to hit the lights n sounds Lightning McQueen’s and mater around. Nice but $34 nice…ehh its debatable..

Rollin Bowlin Mater and the Pittys are shown to size compare between the regular diecast line and this playset.



14 thoughts on “Screaming Banshee Pixar CARS playset”

  1. Hey realmz1 – love your site. I am pretty new to the cars collection and am going to be going to the KMart event in October but wanted to know where you were finding these gems like the above banshee?

  2. My son has seen this toy for the last couple of weeks on tv and just had to have it. Last night we got it for him and once it came out of the box, he was scared to death of it. He will not pick up from the front and he would rather it sit in his closet then play with it. It was not worth the money. I was very disappointed that the cars didn’t come with it. We just used the mini “cars” that we already had but for the money they should have been included.

  3. I am sorry your little boy didn’t enjoy the banshee, this is the first I have heard of any child being scared of it. Although I can agree that it does have a menacing face, but it did in the movie as well. The price is a little high but with all the plastic to make it, the sounds and lights part, along with the tons of zip ties and screws, and packging it took to house it, it kinda makes sense! Included with the exclusive Mater Mini in the price. My daughter has yet to give up playing with it.

  4. i can not find this toy anywhere in the stores. I am also unable to find it on Mattel’s website, is the toy no longer being made? Please help.

  5. je suis a la recherche d’un banschee pour mon fils pouvez vous me telephonner merci bonne et heureuse annee a tous 06 11 34 66 71

  6. I can not find the Screaming Banshee. I need it as soon as possible for my twin grandsons’ birthday. Can anyone offer me help or a suggestion? Thank You. Please hurry

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