Disney/Pixar Target Exclusive 2 pack CARS Launchers

With sales of the Movie Moments and Pit Row Race Off being a little slow, Mattel and Target worked out a special 2 units for $14.99 deal so far only at Target stores. ( Wal Mart got the multi Mini Adventure Packs which are a better “deal” at 3-2packs for $10.99) There had been murmurs of these 2 packs showing up at Targets for a few weeks, and then popped up at our local stores. Not much of a selection compared to what other consumers had reported finding. Although I think I totally got sucked into the “deal” and now have traveled doen the Pit Row Race off road and started buying those as well…DOH

I picked up the Lightning McQueen and Nitroaid as well as the Trunk Fresh and No Stall 2 packs…I am still trying to rub the SUCKER stamp off my forehead. They are glued/double sided taped into the 2 pack cardboard, so saving them for the “collection in mint condition” may be impossible. As the also either have the UPC “X”d out or white label covering it inside the packaging. Mine will be opened, but now to grab the ones I am missing!! eeeeks

Target 2 pack Value

Target 2 pack Value


One thought on “Disney/Pixar Target Exclusive 2 pack CARS Launchers”

  1. I found the same trouble, but with sergical tactics was able to obtain the packs in mint condition (though it took like 30 min. each). As for the marker on the package over the UPC’s use a soft pencil eraser and rub softly over the marker to eventually remove the marks without any chemicals! Good Luck!

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