Driver’s World Virginia Beach Makes a GREAT MOVE!!!

I recently had a blog post about a very very horrible dealing with a Driver’s World sales person and finance individual. After walking out of the door very disappointed and actually pissed off at the situation, I came home and vented on my blog about it. I wanted to share my experience with others and hopefully educate people about how not to get sucked into a bad deal no matter how “nice” the sales people are at the beginning, that’s their job right?

Well a week or so later I received a call from Abby Meeks, a General Manager at the dealership. She had come across my blog here at wordpress and contacted me about the situation. I told her how things went down, and she assured me measures were taken to reprimand the individuals involved for their lack of professionalism. And many apologies and I’m sorries floated in the conversation. I honestly took the conversation truthfully as lip service and expected to be asked to remove my blog. But that never happened. Abby did ask that I possibly come into the dealership and deal with her directly on purchasing a car. I explained to her my current situation of being in the works at Checkered Flag Scion to possibly purchase a new ’09 Scion xB. And she wasn’t bothered by that and still wanted to win my business back.

With much though and discussion with the misses, we decided to give Abby a shot of winning us as a customer. We set up a afternoon meeting, as I walk into the dealership I was directed to Abby and she was quickly on the ball to get us out on the lot and cracking on a selection. The previous car I looked at had been sold so now it was time to pick from the remaining Altima’s on the lot. There were some newer than the one I looked at and we set in on a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5. Mind you this was a year newer and had less miles than the one I previously looked at. And of course the price was higher. I though oh great spend more money on a used car! We test drove the car, it drove and handled well. Very clean inside and out, no crazy door dents or cosmetic issues whatsoever.

So time came to crunch numbers. I had a set value in my head out the door I wanted and had a down payment ready for that. Abby came back with the numbers crunched, I cringed as I could only imagine what it would be. Well I was freaking floored when this newer model was CHEAPER than the previous model and $1,000 under what I wanted. PLUS they took my piece of shit Daewoo in a trade and gave me a $500 credit. So..Abbey and her finance team did one hell of a deal, knocked down a WAY cheaper interest rate…and numbers I could live with in my budget.

So this is a HUGE thank you to Abby Meeks and Team for squaring things away for me and making this 2nd round tremendously better than they first! Now this is also a reminder to do this for the customers FIRST, not as a come back lets fix this type of deal! Either way my family and myself are stoked with Abby’s customer service!

'06 Nissan Altima

'06 Nissan Altima


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