Disney/Pixar CARS collectors event at KMart October 18th

On Saturday October 18th at 11am, Kmart stores throughout the nation are going to hold the 1st ever in-store Cars Collector event. Collectors can go to Kmart to get get a chance to open some brand new Cars Character Cars casepacks. In these cases are going to be some first to market cars and some event exclusive items. There is also going to be some raffle prizes where collectors can get an very nice collector poster that displays all of the cars in the 2008 assortment.

Disney/Pixar CARS KMartEvent


15 thoughts on “Disney/Pixar CARS collectors event at KMart October 18th”

  1. well…i got up this morning 2 get me a ticket for the pixar event and i waited till 11 o’clock. the girl responsible for running the show(i think) jacked it up so bad, i left pretty pissed off. if your familiar with the hot wheel event…..this was nothing like that!
    1. they had about 10 cases of pixar cars.
    2.they opened all the cases and put them on the 2 tables.
    3.they called one number and that person, 1 person, got 5 minutes 2 pick out 5 cars.
    Did they do that at your event? i was wondering.
    do u know of a way 2 get the rules of the event?
    FAIRNESS, was not justified in LITTLE ROCK if u ask me.

  2. I don’t know about spreading the CARS out, but we had the exact same rules of 5 cars per 5 minute limit. Way different than HW events, but for the most part ours here went pretty well.

  3. The Kmart that I went to had someone set up with a table and boxes on them. She handed us everything we asked for, no limit. I only bought the 5 new race cars, and Edwin. Fred was smaller than the others, so we passed. My 4 year old was stoked though. Grinning ear to ear. No tickets, no limits.

  4. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. The Kmart CARS releases aren’t truly exclusive, they are all basically first to market CARS. Rescaled fred is coming up in a case release C shortly. Chase fred with stickers has been released in 2008 T cases. The Edwin Kranks will be out in 2009 B cases. And the racers will be out in future 2009 cases. There were 3 MINI’s sets that WERE exclusive to this event. The lightning mcqueen/tractor police rodz, Guido and Filmore filmore festival, and guido and Red Fire dept. Hope this helps you in your question!

  5. Dear Mr. Blake (Sorry if I have the wrong name)
    Please forgive a dum old man, I just found your
    website and I’m confused, Could you Plase Email
    me – Are you a retailer I could order from or a
    Collector w/ a lot of extras you been able to get.
    I’m in Ontario Canada & up here our stores,
    ToysRus, Wallmart & zellers keep only a small
    selections of the pPixar cars not to mention that
    we are usualy 2 to 4 months behind the US.
    Of what I have most I had to order on the web,
    so I’m always looking for web retailers. Would you
    be able & or willing to help me w/ some of your
    peaces eg. Chase Boost & Fred, you show a lot of.

    Anyhow Thank you for the nice pix & your Time.
    Awaiting your reply Steve.

    1. The first event will be June 20th and the following cars will be exclusives:

      Clutch Aid
      Lil Torquey Pistons
      Easy Idle
      Tow Cap
      Bumper Save
      Shifty Drug
      Mood Springs
      No Stall

  6. personally, i think the kmart collector day for the disney cars went rather well. why don’t you just wine about it a little more joe s. so you left pissed off. maybe its fair because for once, other people with kids got a fair chance to get some of the new toys before all the collectors got their grubby little hands on them. “collectors” is what is ruining it for everyone else. maybe it was a message saying back off a bit and maybe you piss everyone else off when you and every other collector get all the new cars.

  7. I heard that the Next Kmart Disney Cars Is in May -2009. I know i ask that Question on Here. I just want to make i have the Right Date.

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