Disney/Pixar CARS Short Card Releases

With the ever increasing costs of materials increasing as well as the “go green” mantra, Mattel has created a 2nd version of the ever popular Disney CARS line. The shrinkage of the regular 1:55 scale cards is due to the above reasons along with a POS (Point of Sale) marketing plan to have these items placed at checkouts for those parents with children for impulse buys. There are 2 different cardback versions reported, one with Lightning McQueen on the back and the second having a “checklist” like the larger cards on the back showing other CARS available in the line. The very nice diecut of the CARS character on the card to match the CAR character in the blister is a nice touch, as well as a completist nightmare. But this is yet another way for Mattel to milk the cheese out of this line in anyway possible!

I grabbed a few while I was out that grabbed me. Definitely not a line I will try to get every one of though for sure!

Disney CARS Short Cards

Disney CARS Short Cards

Disney CARS Short Cards


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