Gisselle gets to cooking!

Well with this being my birthday week, I was lucky enough to have too many vacation hours at work that needed to be burned up, so I took the whole week off. This was a great chance to spend time with family! So with that in mind Gisselle and I got down in the kitchen to make an Enchilada Casserole, which my mom made for me when I was younger. Kinda like bringing back the childhood memories and making some damn good food at the same time. Gisselle, being the “big girl” she is insisted she help me cook, so I couldn’t pass up the help! Definitely a cool bonding experience!

Gisselle hooking up the tortilla placement. Layer after important layer of goodies!

Gisselle Cooking

Gisselle Cooking

Gisselle Cooking

Time to wrap it up in a cocoon of aluminum foil to bake in the taste.

Gisselle Cooking

And the after shot of baking! ****YUMMYY******

Gisselle Cooking

It weighs a good 10lbs total, so this piece doesn’t do it justice, but DAMN it TASTES GREAT!!!!

Gisselle Cooking


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