Disney CARS Kmart Collector Day Scores 1/2 of them

Our kmart day today was great! I went to one store and I sent my little one and misses to another to make sure we covered our bases. Our stores were pretty much identical 6 collectors and 12 cases. We were instructed with the universal 5 minutes to pick 5 cars, but seeing as how we had less people than CARS Cases we were allowed 2 cases each. I grabbed a bunch and my wife did the same at here Kmart. Not too bad of a score today! I will also be recieveing qwuite a few out of state boxes from Family and friends, hence my 1/2 scores picture.



10 thoughts on “Disney CARS Kmart Collector Day Scores 1/2 of them”

  1. what are you crazy!?!?! thats a huge waste of money!!! all those cars are going to be everywhere in a few days!!! lol this mornign before the event ebay had one page with 19 listings…after the event today there is 7 pages of this garbage you just blew your wad picking up!!! lol The manager at our kmart screwed it up so bad I told him to shove all this crap up his ass!!! 1 guy got to go through all the cases!!! RIDICULOUS!!! Stupidest event kmart has ever done!!! No wonder this store sucks ass!!!

  2. wow thats alot of cars u have been busy!!!!theres nothnig like that here in the UK!!! and prob wont see these figures here for about 10 yrs hahah!!!!the state that uk store are sellin cars 😦

    these look great aswell!!!

  3. sorry corrected my email!!! we do have one promotion coming up here in the uk not sure when though!! but it the same sort of promo as the vynal toupee one!! where u buy like 5 cars and get a free fig!! my guessing is it wil prob be sidewell???? any thoughts?????

    happy b’day as well dude!!!!

    ps i want all these cars hahah!!!

  4. danko, I appreciate your assumption, however I did not buy the amount I did to ebay them. There are several members of http://www.carsthetoys.com that ended up empty handed and I have coordinated trades with those individuals to get them taken care of. I am sorry your kmart was a bust, as one here was locally with a group of hot wheel idiots that bust the back room every time a Mattel event is held there , and they emptied that stores contents while running to other stores in the AM to get MORE! I hope they sit on their ebay listings.

  5. Thank you for your words James. I had a great Birthday week, and appreciate the well wishes. I think your UK promo will be Faux Wheel Drive or maybe N2O Cola.

  6. Great looking out for other collectors! I love seeing new posts on your site. From your awesome collection, to your lovely family, to the random ducks and spiders that show up in your backyard.

    I stumbled across your blog about a month ago when my 6 year old was showing me new disney cars that were/are coming out and wanted me to buy them. I did a search for collections and found your blog. I check it at least twice a day in hopes to find new posts.

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog and pardon me for rambling off. I still have so much to comment on but will probably hit you up some other time.

  7. ken thank you for your kind words! i appreciate you checking out my blog and definitely appreciate your comment! My family was appreciative that not only CARS get noticed here. I will be getting some new posts up shortly with some up close shots of the kmart cars, story tellers, new chases and of my daughters recent visit to a fall festival for a school field trip. Keep an eye open in the next coming days for new content. Have a great day!

  8. Our kmart event was also a success. It was a great oppertunity to aquire a lot of the exclusive packaging! There were very few people that attended making it easy to get everything that one would want! -also if you took the time to read the auctions prior to the event on ebay they were presales. These cars are scheduled to be rereleased on a race o rama card, but these are the kmart event exclusive packaging! Keep an eye out for the n2o cola mail in from toys-r-us starting 10-26-08 I got my side wall shines and they are awesome!

  9. My boyfriend and I took two of our boys that are into Cars on Saturday morning – and it was well worth it. We got them the cars that we had hoped would be there and ones we didn’t know about. I hope other stores will do the same thing too. I saw on another website about Wal-Mart having an exclusive Mack for Walmart and also Mack, one for Chick and one for King. Has anyone else heard or seen anything about this?

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