Disney CARS Super Charged Filmore and SARGE Wal Mart Score

I went into Wal Mart the other night to check up on the new stuff that maybe coming in. Nada on the end of the trip, however I spied something very unusual on the end of the pegs. I saw a Super Charged Version of the Filmore and Sarge Movie Moment. I figured this can’t be right, a almost 2 year old product hanging out, and better yet a “recalled” item that shouldn’t be on the shelf. There were also some supercharged singles sitting in the pegs as well. Could this have been a return or something that was found under a pallet in the backroom? The card part of the package wasn’t torn up, but it wasn’t in pristine condition either.

I took the package to a price scanner and it read “see associate for assistance”. I geeked a little bit worried if I took it to the checkout I would be denied the sale, as others had reported previously. I then took it to the computer scanners in electronics and it scanned and said the price and name of the item, so i thought I was good. I grabbed the grocery items I needed and took off to the register. And like a little kid denied ice cream , as soon as the checker scanned it the register blinged with “item not for sell” DOH! The checker said it was probably recalled and snatched the item and wisked it under the register.

That really sucked but what can you do. I headed home thinking of ways I could have beat the system. And figured if I had another movie moment I could scan it twice and put the Sarge Movie Moment in the bag and call it a day. Since i would be paying for it anyway, and this Sarge wouldn’t end up as a pacifier for a little one. I headed back to that same Wal Mart a few days later and checked the pegs nada. Then I turned the corner and a reshop cart was there and low and behold the Sarge and Fillmore Movie Moment was staring me in the face. It was on! I found a lone buzz and woody MM mangled in the clearance section, I grabbed it and the sarge and filmore MM, headed to a self checkout, scanned to buzz n woody twice dropped them in my bag, paid and walked out…whew…My adrenaline was pumping both from scoring and from what I did to get the toy. Some would say I was wrong and others would have done the same thing. I paid for the item just bent the rules about how to get it. The things we do to get our “fix”.

Supercharged sarge and filmore movie moments

Supercharged sarge and filmore movie moments


2 thoughts on “Disney CARS Super Charged Filmore and SARGE Wal Mart Score”

  1. Did not know how to post , but here is some new info. ToysRus will have another mail in exclusive. For 5 cars you can mail in and get a Purple N20 Cola car # 68. It will be pictured in this Sundays Ad Flyer.

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