A recent EX-Administrator problem at CARSTHETOYS.COM

Well recently I got some NASTY private messages from the QUEEN BEE of the board xandersmommy74 . And seeing as how I cannot post these PM’s on the board due to the LANGUAGE used by the ADMINISTRATOR toward me. I will rock it out here. This situation I am guessing had arisen from the Admin’s lack of responsibility in patrolling the board and only busting on certain people for things and ignoring the items her own little “clique” was up to. So she felt this was the best way to “let me know my place”. Hilarity at its best. This now shows everyone on that board that she IS NOT the “princess”, stand up role model!!!!! This was brought to light and these were the PM’s received:



User Infostatus offline248 Kudos

From: xandersmommy74
To: calsonic5
On: 10/28/08 23:54 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Hello
And I have asked you to stop being a prick on the board but dammit there you go again, day after day.

Be a man and state what your problem with me is. Dont hide behind anyone, or the internet. You think you can be a big bully and talk shit like you do and then expect that people will not have anything to say in response?

Fuck you.

As for me, Im sick of reading your bullshit about sandwiches and Im sick of getting PMs from people who think youre a Grade A asshole. Which is a lot btw, and I think you know that. I dont think you contribute anything whatsoever to the board besides amusing a few idiots as immature as you. You need to grow up.

From: calsonic5
Sent:October 28, 2008, 9:47 pm

I thought I asked you not to PM me.

From: xandersmommy74
Sent:October 28, 2008, 9:29 pm

If you have aproblem with me, speak up. But stop this pasive-aggressive bullshit of the snide comments in the God Damn board. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the pricing policies of this board, someone asked a question this week and I answered according to the policy set up by JR sharp and continued by Dean.

DEAN asked me to be an admin of this board, and so if you dont like it, you are free to tell him.

Otherwise either man up and tell me what your problem is with me or fuck off.


This is such tough talk from a soccer mom 3K miles away! Now it would be different if I was in town in Los Angeles . We could definitely square this away. But all thats left to say iss BYE BYE BYE. IP banned ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


7 thoughts on “A recent EX-Administrator problem at CARSTHETOYS.COM”

  1. Hey Calsonic-
    XM74 called it like she saw it, hmm…

    Fat little peckerhead is all you are.

    You speak of being 3000 miles away but you hide behind your keyboard day in and dayout.

    So many people just love you dont they???

  2. what’s truly HILARIOUS is your dumb ass is commenting on MY blog. Obviously I am NOT hiding, I am HERE amd on the CARS board where that big nosed bitch ISN’T at! And I see your sheepish ass IS HIDING with a FAKE email and website! Come out of the shadow pussy! I got the last laugh!!! Let me go post on the board where the ex admin CAN’T anymore!!! HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA A HA HA HA

    Oh and stupid ASS, it is CALSONIC 5 dummy, not calsonis..fucking MORON!

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