Disney/Pixar CARS B Case SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was able to grab a BUNCH of these at a few local Target stores! WHAT A RUSH!!!! I will have individual pictures up shortly! This Case B included Race O Rama carded Edwin Kranks, Tank Coat Pitty, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , Chase impound Boost, and Chief RPM. Not a bad 4 case score!



29 thoughts on “Disney/Pixar CARS B Case SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. That’s a very sad picture. You are making these harder to find for other collectors. Why do you people do that? I don’t suppose you sell them at face vaule with shipping? If you do I would love to buy two that I am missing, Boost and Tank Coat. Shoot me an email.

  2. that comment was eerily similar to those guys that beg for change outside of grocery stores and busy intersection medians. Now if I went throw the efforts of visiting many stores and paying for items and such, why do people feel that I would OWE anyone anything. I did for myself and bought what I WANTED…sooo I don’t need to email you blake. Get out and do for yourself. Stick you hand back in, it’s getting cold outside……

  3. Wow I read this blog because I thought you were a collector not an asshole. I will be finished reading your blog. And I do go to the stores. I am there almost every day. SO FUCK YOURSELF

  4. actually I AM a collector, and have hooked up people in Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, France and Denmark with these CARS. I am not at a loss for you NOT reading my blog, but you will look anyway. So carry your uptight ass and GO FUCK YOURSELF, you whiny bitch! Seems some pricks still have mommy issues. I guess I shouldn’t post the 30 more B case CARS I got today huh…

  5. hoarder and collector does not mean the same thing, but this is the USA home of free enterprise. Lets all take a time out now and sing kumbaya.

  6. I’m sorry but if you can’t see that you’re a greedy person, then you have even bigger issues that I thought.

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. Do you ever stop and think about anyone other than yourself? It’s called common courtesy. I’m curious why you even need so many of each car? Don’t you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think “what’s wrong with me?”.

    I feel so sorry for anyone who lives in your area and collects anything that you do, because not everyone has the time to stalk these stores like you do.

    And if for some twisted reason you think that what you do is normal, try and find just one other person who has as many as you do. Yeah, didn’t think so.

  7. I really don’t feel bad about ANYTHING whatsoever. I am glad there are idiots that JUMP to conclusions and make up their own fantasy world of fact. I have bought over 100 B case CARS. I DID NOT buy them for MYSELF. I have sent out ALL but 10 CARS to people all over the world who wanted them. I have opened one set of CARS for my daughter and kept one in the package. So, please hop off the blame and label bus and keep it moving. Thanks for adding views to my blog, it makes me feel special!

  8. What about the other parents in your area that can’t find the cars for their children because you have boughten them all? I have a really hard time finding any of the new cars in my area. My boys love the Cars and my 2 year old has to watch Cars Movie every night. Anytime we are out we look for the new cars and usually find the same old stuff on the shelf. It disheartens me to think that one parent can ruin the joy of other children due to greed.

  9. in the old addage, If I didn’t do it then others would for sure do it. The Hot Wheel runners and the mom n daughter ebayers are getting hip to CARS items. So I think it is better to hook the collectors up at a decent price rather than fleecing them on ebay.

  10. and where’s the greed keep coming from? These comments are simply due to the have and have nots. You don’t have the new stuff…well sorry for that. Our area has the new stuff, and I grabbed what was in front of me.

  11. The American Way … look after yourself and the hell with everybody else.

    I’m not worried, if this is where he wants to spend / waste his money, that’s fine. There’s better ways to spend or invest.

    This just points to the problem of when adults make collectibles out of children’s toys.

  12. that would totally make sense if I was making an investment. However making back what i spent doesn’t sound like a fortune500 move. Thanks for yet another oddball ASSumption!

  13. Maybe those who posted negative comments should take a look at themselves and ask themselves why they are getting so upset over children’s toys. I know that if anyone would have come up on the same amount of toys they would do the same. I know I would and I don’t collect… You’re just mad that someone is doing what you’re not able to do…

  14. simply put…YUPPY ANGLO SAXONS! ALWAYS need to WORRY about someone else rather than what has to do with you directly. SAD SAD life there…OMG someone found massive amounts of toys, and BOUGHT them. OH THE MADNESS of it ALL!!!!

  15. Well this is my first visit to your blog, and after reading these comments. If you desire to buy so many, why not just buy the cases from http://www.childrenstoycloset.com. For one, it would be cheaper (no sales tax, no driving). Next, it would leave more cars for parents who want to buy one or two cars for their kids.

    If you do not like it here and if you want to be part of a family oriented Disney Cars community and learn more about Disney Cars check out:
    http://www.takefiveaday.com/ Most often, people will trade cars or sell them at cost plus shipping and paypal fees.

    I am in no way affiated with either of these sites, but enjoy visiting them.

    Realmz1, please understand, these parents are frustrated because when they go to the store, all they find is Ramone, Lightning and Al Oft. I know this frustration, I checked over 15 stores today (targets, Walmarts and TRU). Not a single Impound Boost, or Tank Coat.

    I have no problems buying 2 of the same, one to collect and one to play. But, 100+ cars. That is excessive.

    I assume you are selling them at a profit, otherwise you wouldn’t bother. But again, why not buy directly from Childrens Toy Closet, you could increase your profit margin. Another option, if you are really into reselling, check out http://www.entertainmentearth.com/ where you can buy at wholesale prices.

  16. I can’t believe you would be so inconsiderate to all of the children….. Oh wait, somebody already said that.

    Hey people, get over it!! If you all weren’t such fat bodies you’d be out doing the same thing. I found several Case B Cars over the past couple days, and you know what I’m doing with them? Well let me tell you – The first one goes to my son, and than all of the rest — I AM SELLING THEM ON eBay!! You wanna know why? Because I’m a grown man and can do whatever I want, just like this guy here!

    Oh, so your kid won’t have a new car in his/her stocking for Christmas? Well mine will! Guess you should’ve got to the store a little sooner and gone straight to the Toys sections instead of the frosted cup cake aisle.

    The only thing I have left to say is you’re all lucky I don’t have my own blog to post my photos. WalMart would sell out of tissues really fast from all of this crying!

  17. Great score, I’m jealous that I didn’t get as much as you did – I only got two of each!
    I just started collecting CARS about 4 months ago and I’m finding myself getting more and more addicted in collecting these damn toys. I think it has now evolved into more about finding them than it is collecting them. At least for me.
    I did have a bad experience with my 5 yr. old at the KMart event that made me realize that some of these “so called collectors” are crazy – you know the one. Someone like the main character in “40 year old virgin” but meaner. Some were actually blocking the kids to delay them long enough to pick the cars that they want. This is where I draw the line, I have a problem when adults basically grab toys from children in the name of collecting. Sorry but I just had to vent a little bit.

  18. i don’t mind that you got them all in fact i like comming here to keep up on all the cars stuff my son is 3 and is in love with them he will not let me leave a store with out making sure there is one he does not have he has 95 of them and plays with them everyday so i don’t mind paying four dollars a car but im just wondering where you live because i live in PA and have not seen any new ones in a while and i am constantly checking and with christmas around the corner i wanted to add to his collection but refuse to pay the ebay price for them thats insane thanks

  19. that picture is pathetic. Rationalize it any way you want to, it’s just pathetic. Period. Are you an adult or a 14 year old boy? Wow.

    1. And even MORE pathetic is you checking out my blog (thanks you for the view count) and calling ME pathetic! Funny people out there…would it make you wee wee in your adult diaper to know I have 40 Boost chases? Probably would…tear up dumb dumb and go drown yourself in the kiddie pool.

  20. To realmz1:

    Grow up!!!! If your daughter saw some of the responses that you send to other collectors on this site, she might not think so highly of her daddy.

    Some folks might be less educated than yourself in the area of Disney Pixar Cars collectables, and your methods for acquiring such an important itme in the grand scheme of life.

    I’m not about to stoop to the “f” bombs, but you really should be more empathetic and responsible. If I had the cure for cancer, I wouldn’t taunt others with the disease….kharma my friend….kharma.

  21. To Slicepie:

    Someday you will be stricken with a terrrible disease that none of the rest of us collectors of Cars have. You can keep that too.

    You guys are so tough on the internet, but I bet seriously weak face-to-face. Keep hiding behind this listing my scared little friend….

  22. To Slicepie:

    You know what? I was a little harsh in my previous email. Perhaps one of your children will be stricken with a terrible disease. That sure makes the sack shrivel, doesn’t it?

    There are much more important things in this short life. Some day when your down on your knees praying to our Lord to grant you forgiveness/help, you’ll think of my words….

    1. wow, talk about tough talk and toys! An idiot referring to people and their children catching a disease over toy car purchases. That is truly the SADDEST thing I have heard. And when it comes face to face, you moron I am in virginia beach, virginia, you are more then welcomed to get your mouth shoved down your throat any given day of the week at any place in Hampton Roads! No need to hide behind a computer whatsoever! My pictures are on this blog and now you have my exact location! And then after your disease remark your sorry HYPOCRITICAL ass has the nerve to bring religion into things?!?! Sorry ass excuse for life. I hope YOU die of a horrendous disease, I don’t need to wish anything bad on your family, having you is more than enough! And my daughter doesn’t need to live in a bubble, she realizes there are morons in this world and will know how to deal with them!

  23. Don’t listen to any of these idiots realmz1. I agree with you 100%. I also collect 2 of each car released and I will pick up whatever I can extra on newer ones because I know people who also collect them but can’t always make it to the stores regularly. It makes me laugh to read all of these distraught people’s opinions who have come to your blog seeking knowledge but by some bizarre stroke of insane lack of reasoning become petty and jealous over what you have found. Here’s a tip people….. stop coming here for the info you are so obviously looking for if all you are going to do is pass judgment.

    I for one find your blog ridiculously informative and I appreciate all of the time you have obviously put forth to make it the quality site that it is. Thanks again man!

  24. Hey realmz1

    I really need an original Sarge. My son and I love these cars and love finding them when we can. If you can help me let me know. Keep up the good work. Love your commitment to finding these cars and offering them to people like me and my son. Supply and demand – gotta love it.
    Thanks again.

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