Disney/Pixar Chase CARS McQueen, Boost, Fred

It seems in the last few hours some grown adults have went off on their own tangent about these toy cars. And well all I have left to say is HATE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!!!! And to clarify before I get the IGNORANT MORONS with their oh so WITTY comments: These are NOT going to EBAY, These are not for you to ask if your kids can have one since they NEEEEEEED it SOOO bad or they’ll DIE, These are for MY OWN personal collection, I DO NOT plan to RETIRE off them, NOR do I look for them as an INVESTMENT!

My Daughter setting up the goods:


1st Chase 1-20,000 Bumper Stickers McQueen


2nd 1-20,000 Chase Bumper Stickers Re-Scaled Fred


3rd 1-20,000 Chase Impound McQueen


4th 1-20,000 Chase Impound Boost


This is just what is readily available for me to drag out…there are more cases in the closet….


15 thoughts on “Disney/Pixar Chase CARS McQueen, Boost, Fred”

  1. Pick my nose, you are annoying douche bag that still lives with mom n dad in the basement, and pretends to have a family, but in actuality you are a lonely toy boy. Please get a life, a job,your own home,and a woman and the voices will go away I promise!

  2. Calsonic- you could not be further from the truth.
    Actually- I hope you are not teaching your daughter the way to act in life. But then again she doesn’t have the same issues you faced growing up.
    Like be a sawed off short fat fuck who was constantly made fun of while trying to grow up. at last when the bones stopped growing you were still only 4’3″. Pitty you, my friend, life will catch up with your attitude and when it does, you will be sorry for the way you treat others.

  3. The funniest thing you suburban computer boy. I would LOVE to be face to face with your keyboard big talk! It is great for punk ass white boys like you to mouth off while your in SUBURBAN UPSTATE NY. I Never was picked on sorry to say. But mY daughter knows already how to deal with dumb ass morons such as yourself. But keep looking back on this blog, my views are going nuts! Kisses princess.

  4. Can’t figure out how you get so many of one chase. Most stores where I live don’t get that many cases or put them out for someone to get that many unless someone working there gets the cases out for you. I talked to a Mattel rep and showed this to them, they said they feel it is impossible unless you know someone on the inside and if they knew about it that person would be fired.

    1. No it is NO WAY impossible. I visit 4 Targets, 5 Wal Marts, 2 Toys R Us stores and 4 Kmarts daily. So I think out of 15 stores I am very able to grab the amount of chases that I do. The Kmart Event in October netted me ALL of the Fred chases I have. 36 cases for 6 people and no one knew about the chase fred’s I had them all. Stickers McQueen hit walmarts frequently I grabbed 7-8 cases in a night at local walmarts. And the same with Chase Boost. I don’t need help from employees, I just am very informed on what is new and where they are hitting.

  5. Wow, you’re one lucky guy, 1st time on this blog. i’ve been collecting for coming up 2 years and live in the UK. I’ve yet to even see a stickers fred or ww mcqueen over here 😦

    1. wow…there ARE villages still missing their idiot! Couldn’t find anything more intelligent or original huh…bravo.. another induction for the DARWIN THEORY!

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