Kidrobot Series 5 Golden Ticket CASE

A close friend of mine here has gotten into the whole Kidrobot Vinyl scene and wanted to buy his first case of 3 inch Kidrobot dunnys. I had a 20% off coupon I couldn’t use due to other things. So I gave it to him to use. He orders a bunch of stuff including a Series 5 Dunny case. These cases carry 25 Blind Boxed Dunnys so you don’t know what is inside the box until you open them.

There are ratios to the figures in the Series,some are hard to get and some are really easy. There are chase and super chase figures. And also a lucky 400 people will find a card inside their box that entitles them to a golden ticket dunny limited to 400 figures. The card has a code you enter online to be mailed the limited figure in a few months.

He opens his first box and sees a figure that isn’t listed in a picture on the side of the box. He gives me a call and describes the figure to me. In his description it sounds like the Golden Ticket Dunny. I use my online sources to correctly identify the dunny,and sure enough it is! Very weird for a Golden Ticket Dunny to be inserted in the cases! He continues opening 9 more boxes and they are the same figure. He is freaking out thinking he got either a BUM case or a holy freaking shit case.

He brought me a sealed box toopen, and sure enough it was a Golden Ticket Huck Gee Dunny. FREAKING he rips through the rest of the figures and they are ALL the golden ticket dunny!!! LUCKY MOFO!! Seems that there has been more than 2 others that have gotten case like this as well. SO much for the golden ticket shiz. He brought the entire case over and allowed me to snap a few flicks. And being the kick ass dood he is,even gave me one for my help! DON’T ASK ME FOR ANY AS THEY ARE NOT MINE!!!

Kidrobot S5 GT dunny

Kidrobot S5 GT dunny


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