For the last few months since MAGIC in Las Vegas I had been ooogling this Apparel line collaboration between The Hundreds X Disney. The Lost Boys Motif was brilliant to me,as I would want ALL of them but one design stuck out to me the most. Then my good friend Jae Bueno ( blogged about the line in depth on his wordpress with more pictures and that heated me up even more.

He had given me a call last weekend and told me the Disney line was up on The Hundreds online store right then, so for a good 45 minutes I tried over n over to get some shirts,but was denied with the out of stock message,errors,and page time out messages. DAMN,looked as I lucked out. Just another oh well moment. I will live.

A few days later I plucked a floppy package out of the mailbox from Mr.Bueno, wondering what it was I tore it open and BAM the shirt I whined and bitched about the most was in the envelope!! This guy Jae is a SLICK ONE! So immediately I called him up to rant about his slickness, and he told me he had knew I wouldn’t be able to get any shirts online s3eeing as they were limited to 200 pcs in each style,and how his wife Steph had told him while we talked how mean he was for playing the trick on me. Well I was stoked nonetheless. Thank you Mr. Bueno for the KICKASS gift,now time to decide whether to wear it or frame it..

The Hundreds X Disney

The Hundreds X Disney


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