Disney CARS Case D Oversized Chick Hicks Cab

Case D Mega sized CARS has reached some of the US as well as those who ordered the items online from dealers. I think they are ok at best. Nothing too great in my opinion. I would much rather have the cab and entire hauler.

CARS Oversized Chicks Hicks Cab


2 thoughts on “Disney CARS Case D Oversized Chick Hicks Cab”

  1. You’re a fat little mexican fucker aren’t you? You look like a overstuffed tatooed sausage. You gave me a good belly laugh though with that picture of you on your crotch rocket. It makes you look like a midget. But seriously what are you about 4’11”? Thanks for the pics! You have brightened my day. BooYa!

    1. That was almost too damn funny! An “original” E-sult from a So Cal E-Comedian. I don’t know whether you forgot to wear your helmet today or your parents left you home alone and you snuck in computer time when you typed that,but it gave me a “belly laugh”. TOOO DAMN FUNNY! I LOVE IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!

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