Shepard Fairey OBEY Dollar

I recently bought this off a member of message board I frequent. I thought it looked pretty cool and the boardie even threw in some dope stickers. If anyone out then can educate me on this dollar it would be appreciated,as I have looked and couldn’t come up with much.

Obey Dollar

Obey Dollar

Obey Dollar


3 thoughts on “Shepard Fairey OBEY Dollar”

  1. Fairey has reduced a rich and powerful history of socially-conscious art to the lowest common denominator. He symbolizes what is wrong with the art world and capitalism: he takes something of value, something beautiful and complex, and reduces it to the simplest, most easily digestible form of advertising: the brand. Fairey has branded himself, “political” art, “punk rock” and even the president of the United States.
    Even though his work is unoriginal, redundant and shallow, the gallery and museum system doesn’t care; they only see dollar signs. He preys on working artists, enriching himself while exploiting workers and artists as subject matter. From his hypocritical high horse, he has the nerve to preach to us about the dangers of capitalism, all the while using the system to his advantage. He has turned a subversive and political movement into just another fashion statement. Unfortunately, a sea of commercial artists and Hollywood Hipsters idolize him. They secretly dream of being rich and powerful also (despite their claims of being evolved), and Fairey gives them hope, proving that any hack with no talent can be an “art star”.
    Not only does he steal his subject matter and imagery from working artists and indigenous peoples, but he rarely makes his work himself. He is the Andy Warhol of our time; he has a factory of artists producing his work for him, everything from layout to printing to collage. He has stolen from the Black Panther movement, Vietnam political posters, Russian propaganda, punk rock and heavy metal. Some may call this appropriation, but there is a line between appropriation and stealing. Fairey has crossed this line many times (for a more detailed argument of this, please refer to the article “Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey” by Mark Vallen.) As an artist friend of mine once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of unoriginality.”

  2. hello mate,

    these were printed for an exhibition shepard did in london maybe 3 or 4 years ago.
    i’m just about to put some pics on my blog about it, as i did the photography for the gallery.
    he did two big pieces, which are basically both sides of this note. he also printed out loads of these normal sized dollars and had his people throw them on the floor infront of the piece… i have photos if you want to see.

    when i was doing the photography, one of shepard’s asistants offered me a big handful of notes but i politely refused them !
    a little while later they were selling for £5 a pop on ebay.

    hope this helps,


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