There will be a lack of posts

Sorry for those who frequent my blog looking for the new fresh stuff to be blogged about. I got the gut wrenching call early yesterday to let me know my grandmother suffered a severe heart attack and was placed in a medical induced coma to help relax her body. My entire family has mecca’d from West to East coasts to the midwest to be with her at this time, and I catch my flight tomorrow early morning. I will be away for awhile as there are now talks of a Do Not Resuscitate order to be determined by the 2 Daughters ( my mom and aunt). So This will be the last time for me to be with my grandmother. Thanx to all who check out my blog and thank you in advance should you feel like adding our family to your prayer/wishing well lists. This will be a huge hit to the family. Until the next blog best hunting and great shopping to you all!

GOD BLESS GRAM! I will be there SOON!



8 thoughts on “There will be a lack of posts”

  1. Hi Rick, sorry to hear that ! hope everything is all ok now?
    Take your time and hope to see you soon! 🙂 Your Canadian Pal!

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