Coca Cola Tour Atlanta, Georgia

Right across from the Georgia Aquarium was the Coca Cola Tour. There they house educational tours,4-D rides,cool historic galleries and of course the tasting room. The tasting rooms has 60 different coca cola manufactured flavors from all over the world on tap ready for you to sample.

georgia 2009 (83)

Entering the building there are a few pieces of decorative coca cola bottles representing China, Russia, Spain, Africa and a few others. My favorite has to be Africa due to the intricate bead working.

georgia 2009 (85)

georgia 2009 (86)

georgia 2009 (87)

georgia 2009 (93)

georgia 2009 (88)

georgia 2009 (89)

georgia 2009 (91)

In the first part of the tour there is a little bit of history on display from old advertisement posters/signs to figures,clothing and a few old school dispensing machines.

georgia 2009 (95)

georgia 2009 (99)

And walking through a mini manufacturing/bottling area you can see how everything gets down behind the plate glass windows. Just imagine working in the MAIN plant manufacturing and bottling a couple hundred thousand units an hour.

georgia 2009 (101)

georgia 2009 (102)

The 4-D theater was great. A motion sensitive video, where you sit in seats that move around with the movie,blows air on you and splashes whether at specific moments in the show. Definitely kick ass!

georgia 2009 (103)

Right across from that is the Taste It area. This is where the sampling of the 60 Coca Cola varieties are. I dug a few from each continent. Japan has probably the best for me out of the several offerings.

georgia 2009 (104)

We welcomed the US stations to get that good ole Coke taste back in our mouths

georgia 2009 (105)

georgia 2009 (106)

As you exit the building you see a HUGE spiraling machine to your left. With all the bottling they do below you through the tour, these products are then offered as gifts to you as you exit. you can pick out whichever one you want (1 bottle per person). Pretty cool momento of this trip!

georgia 2009 (107)

georgia 2009 (108)

georgia 2009 (109)

georgia 2009 (110)


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