Our trip to the Georgia Aquarium

While we visited family in Georgia, we snuck down to the Georgia Aquarium for a visit. Although it is a VERY nice aquarium the crowds inside were crazy. And alot of the peoiple all decided to camp out in front of every window not wanting to move so other people could see the exhibits. Needless to say they ALL caught BOWS and were moved….

georgia 2009 (1)

Hmmm where are some pieces of toast,cheese, and mayo when you need um!

georgia 2009 (2)

Cool ass Jelly Fish

georgia 2009 (15)

Snapshot ,idiots just stonewalled in place…(before the elbowing)

georgia 2009 (17)

I dunno if this guy was horny or it’s just me….

georgia 2009 (23)

This guy had the mean mug on the whole time I was near the glass….musta smelled the bacon!

georgia 2009 (47)

Whale Sharks KICK ASS!!!

georgia 2009 (54)

We caught the Beluga Whales during feeding time. They had monitors set up so you could watch what was going on above.

georgia 2009 (66)

If I remember right these are part of the seahorse family

georgia 2009 (74)

georgia 2009 (75)

The outside shot

georgia 2009 (84)

After we left these were the CROWDS waiting to get in!

georgia 2009 (113)


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