We have Baby Kittens

We have a wild Cat that visits us outside daily for food and water. And we had noticed she was getting plump over a certain amount of time. So her feeding increased and that was a dead giveaway she was pregnant. So for several weeks we noticed her growing and eating more. And after returning back from Nebraska we had noticed her slim down quite a bit. Well out neighbor had alerted us she had kittens and that they were a few hundred feet away nestled in a very thick and overgrown brush area.

We headed over there and saw little eyes through the thick thorn bushes and dead ,discarded, cut tree limbs. I was able to grab 2 of the kittens ( I am not sure if there are more ,if so I have not seen them) and with the wild foxes and other wild animals around, we decided to take the babies into our house and let momma visit them daily , in a safe environment. With the weather being so unpredictabkle after the rescue (i.e. pouring rain, crazy heat spells) we think we made the right decision on saving them. Well without further ado here are the little ones we named Socks and Trouble:


kitties 28

kitties 28 (1)

kitties 28 (2)

They are doing well eating wet food and the occasional hard food out of our inside cat’s food bowl Spooky. And momma kitty helps out as well.

more kitties

Sisterly LOVE:

sleepy kitties

And amazingly enough they are really good with our Love Birds. The occasional sniff but the birds peck them into place every time.

jazzy n socks (1)


6 thoughts on “We have Baby Kittens”

    1. We figured trouble for her because from the first hour inside she was…well a kitten…getting into everything. From shoes to our other cats toys. She is super playful with her sibling as they roll around and wrestle many hours out of the day.

  1. Right on they look cute, remember to clean their eyes of gunk, and play with them often. They get more domesticated if you give them lots of attention. Oh and be careful, right now they are curious with your birds but when they get older they will want to hunt and eat them.

    1. I will keep a close eye on them, with the birds, although our inside kitten likes to lay with the birds and they ride around on her like a horse. So hopefully these little ones follow the same route. but as always the birds will remain safe always. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Too adorable. Reminds me of my situation. I too have a wild baby I was able to rescue from the wilds. Good luck. They are soooo cute!

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