Some Hot Wheels Short Card Grabs

I came across some interesting Short Card hot Wheels the other day:

HW Short Card Silverado (1)

HW Short Card Silverado

Had to get the GT-R in the short card. The shot card has chrome wheels where as the regular carded version has gunmetal-ish colored wheels.

HW Short Card R35

HW Short Card ferrari

HW Short Card evo

HW Short Card Civic

HW Short Card 510

HW Short Card NSX

And a nice little Treasure Hunt to round them out

HW Short Card TH Qqombee


3 thoughts on “Some Hot Wheels Short Card Grabs”

  1. Actually, the GT-R is featured on the long-card with both the chrome ten-spoke, and the gunmetal ten-spoke…I have one of each…In fact I have two with gun-metal. Hot Wheels also released that car in red and most recently in silver…

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