Erick Scarecrow’s Blogspot

Mr. Erick Scarecrow

If you want to check out some super kick ass vinyl figures created and designed by a kick ass guy. Hit Mr. Erick Scarecrow’s Blogspot up here or he is also listed on my blogroll to the left. He was also kind enough to throw Gisselle’s picture on his blog. It shows her holding his Liberty figure in all colorways released. She loves his figures and I do as well! You might also know him for his Medusa, Kissaki, Soopa Maria, Soopa Coin Up Bro’s, and shitake, and mousie micci plushes PLUS MANY MORE DESIGNS!!. He is A VERY TALENTED YOUNG MAN WITH A VISION BEYOND HIS YEARS!!! Check out his blog and see for yourself! Thank you Mr. Erick if you see this. Once again another reason why you stand out amongst the rest! Thank you for the LOVE!!! Gisselle sends kisses and hugs!



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