New score:Nikon Coolpix S202 Digital Camera

I have been in the market for a little while to get a smaller digital camera for everyday shooting. And I came across this inexpensively clearance priced Nikon Coolpix S202 at Target. I didn’t think the $80 price tag was too bad for this camera seeing how I bought it at full price for my misses several months back. I like how it shoots and it will work great for me on my everyday adventures out n about.

nikon score


2 thoughts on “New score:Nikon Coolpix S202 Digital Camera”

  1. I loved the Nikon Coolpix s202 and I am only 12 years old. I used it almost everday. After 5 months I had taken over 5000 photos on that camera. It is defenitely the best non- proffesional camera(those expensive black cameras that cost like $700-$1500) that you will find anywhere. I LOVED THIS! the only problem was that the video doesn’t have sound. but after 5 months of using it (and dropping it just a few times), it broke. Even though i dropped it, i was not happy at all when it broke. but if you are looking for a camera, LOOK NO FURTHER, BUY THIS CAMERA!!

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