I had the greatest experience back in 2005 meeting ROC RAIDA and the rest of the X-Ecutioners at a Charlotte , North Carolina DUB Show. Roc was the MOST HUMBLE person! I couldn’t believe how down to earth this WORLD RENOWN DJ was. I was able to chit chat with Roc after the X-Ecutioners music set and the conversation was amazing. Never at a moment was the guy rushed to bounce and say peace out. Through out the conversation and others jumping in for pictures and autographs did Roc ever scurry away to avoid his fans. As time flew on I knew Roc had other things to do and we left with a “peace out” and carried on the visit throughout the show. Definitely an A class experience.



I was able to catch up with Roc again and the X-Ecutioners in Los Angeles Courtesy of my friend Myles Kovaks at DUB Publishing. We stayed in the same hotel and on the same floor which was dope. Roc has saw me an instantaneously remembered me from many months before in Charlotte. As we chopped it up in the Lobby a lot of entertainers came through and yelled at Roc saying whats up. He introduced me to Vida Guerra (magazine and car model) , Fabulous, The Clipse, T.I. and BIG Country and a few others. this was unbelievable and was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of my sponsored trip to LA!As the night wound on we had a few drink in the lobby BAR and off to the STANDARD for a roof top party. We headed back to LAX on the same shuttle and chit chatted some more about to car related items and that was it. No superstar shit, no “swagger” a simple pound and “take care” as we headed to our respective terminals.

So, as to bring things to present day and my lack of keeping on top of the media shiz, I heard tonight Roc DIED Wednesday. Here is the Post from MTV.Com:

Grand Master Roc Raida Dead
Renowned DJ, who had performed with X-Ecutioners and Busta Rhymes, died Saturday of complications from a mixed-martial-arts accident.

By Shaheem Reid

In another terrible loss for the hip-hop community, Grand Master Roc Raida (real name: Anthony Williams) of the X-Ecutioners passed away on Saturday due to complications from a mixed-martial-arts accident, according to a statement released by his family. Raida had a two-decade career, which skyrocketed in 1995 when he won the DMC World DJ Championship. He released seven solo albums along with several LPs with his famed crew, the X-Ecutioners. Over the last few years, Raida had been Busta Rhymes’ live DJ, where his showmanship skills were a perfect marriage for Busta and Spliff Starr’s energetic stage antics.

A statement released by Raida’s family over the weekend reads: “Anthony Williams [professionally known] to the world as the Legendary Grand Master Roc Raida has passed away unexpectedly today, September 19, 2009. He is survived by his wife, three lovely daughters, mother and friends. Raida was recently in a mixed-martial-arts accident, something that he has been practicing for several years. Although he had undergone two surgeries with great success, was released to an inpatient physical therapy facility and was in great spirits the past few days, this morning he started to have complications and passed. The family asks for privacy at this time.”

Busta Rhymes wrote a series of messages about Raida on his Twitter account.

“I am sorry to say that on this day at 2:05, Sept 19th we lost another incredible life … DJ Roc Raida died today. My personal DJ is gone …” Rhymes wrote. “I just wanna thank everyone for your love and support and your prayers … We will never let your name die Roc … We love u and will forever miss u … RIP.

“I never met a more humble man in the industry,” he continued. “So unbelievably talented and most importantly such beautiful spirit. I love you my brother. I will never let your name die DJ Roc Raida! We love you, we miss you and we’ll never stop reppin’ you!”

At press time, Busta’s most recent tweets, published Monday morning, read: “I woke up this morning and realized how proud of this man’s life I really am … he can continue to smile down on us … R.I.P. eternally, from your Flipmode Family.”

I can concur with Busta, Roc was a humble man! And from our tiny encounters that was proven a hundred times over. Roc Raida will be missed , I am glad I have the memories of this GREAT MAN to remember him by!



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