I have scored throughout my area on ALL the Disney CARS exclusives at Target set for the christmas resent October 11th. I found out the inventory numbers and hit every single store and had everything brought from the back room. Not bad for a 7 Store run and more than $1,000 spent. VERY NICE!

I was able to get 7 cases of the pitty n crew sets these will be feature later in the week.


7 Cases of final lap CARS


final lap sets (1)

And 5 cases of the Old School Story Teller 3 CARS sets




  1. Open Letter to You.

    First of all, my son and I have been using your page to keep up to date on all the new Cars toys that come into stores. We enjoy going after lunch on saturdays down to the store and seeing if there are any new Cars items to buy. It always helps to know what we are looking for and your photos really help.

    However lately, I’ve been amazed by the crass behavior of individuals in my local area, that in all honesty closely resembles this hoarding of toys just so recently carried out by you. I’m hoping that you’re not really part of all this, but I fear that you are.

    You are doing nothing wrong, and that is what makes this country so great. Anyone can work hard and have the ability to earn money, so that some day they can purchse as much of whatever they want. You choose to purchse toys, and that’s great. Cars rule.

    Collectors are passionate people and they want whats best for them, taking that extra step to make sure their latest acquisition happens. Noone is there to stop you from doing what you want with your money. Deep down though, I beg the question, what really motivates you?

    To me, its like Bill Gates saying to himself: “you know what, I’m going to go to every car dealership within 50 miles and buy all the new 2010 models, there are just so many cool cars out there this year and I want to have them.” The next day, he goes out and does it. He lives in the US, he has the money, nothing to stop him. For several days and weeks following, a ripple is sent through the community as no new cars are availible. But this doesn’t really happen, or at least I haven’t seen it on the news yet.

    The real-life example of this IS happening though. This fictional scenario is akin to what you and so many others are doing across this country, all be it certainly less dramatic that the above example. Nonetheless, same behavior pattern.

    Not but yesterday did I ask a worker at Target if they had any of these new Cars toys back in storge since, as usual, someone has already taken all of them off the pegs. The store worker replied quite quickly: “oh, we just got a shipment in and this morning had a guy come in here buy everything new [cars] that we had.” I was floored, and much to my shagrin, I then see these hoarding photos on your web-page.

    I don’t believe I live in the same area of the country as you, which leads me to the conclusion that there are other people behaving like this, not just you. Extremely dissapointing.

    I wonder if, as you are carting this merchandise away from the store, any thoughts pass through your mind relating to everyone else in your local area. If those thoughts do occur, you must and you do make the conscious decision to say to yourself: “Yes, I am the winner, and noone else will feel that today, not even that child over there, and I like that! (insert exclamation of choice here, Booya, Eat It, etc.)”

    I may be over simplifying, and its proabably a bit more than that even. Its about making a tough decision that there are others out there who want the same thing as you and a single individual can make the difference. And it is your decision to ignore that. You choose to hoard.

    This series of events makes it all that much more important to teach children that you are judged first and foremost by your decisions and how you react to others. Respect is a hard thing to earn after it has been lost.

    This is my decision: I don’t want to trade a Cars toy with you or with anyone like you. The fun is gone. Period.

    Final Words: Stand Up, Don’t hoard, and Act Like You’ve Got A Pair (and I’m not talking about Truck-Nuts).

    Thank you and please excuse any and all spelling errors,
    Dissapointed in Carolina

    1. I appreciate your adult response to my blog. And if I may retort with a defensive comment. I do not HOARD these CARS. As 90% of the items I bought have already been sent to collector friends in Canad,Spain,Australia,Europe, Germany and several other countries that ,unlike us in the states, will NEVER see in their stores.

      No as far as chest beating or acts thereof when I leave a store after spending a cool $300+ I don’t feel bad for anyone as I am the one dropping hard earned money and spending my time, gas and efforts to acquire such TOYS. For friends in other countries. In no way will these CARS ever be LIMITED to the point of NEVER being able to be purchased. Yourself and others just won’t be the FIRST to have them, but will eventually get them.

      I travel in excess of 100 miles a day and visit 20 plus stores. Some days I get some things but most days I end up with nothing. It is a crap shoot, and I feel ANYONE can find ANYTHING in a store IF the put the effort into it!

      And about growing a pair that was petty. But I obviously have a big enough pair to have you leave a comment. Thank you for your time. Please check back often as I will have more and more new items to share.

      AS AN FYI THESE CARS ARE NOT TO BE SHELVED UNTIL OCTOBER 11. You won’t see them until then unless you have the item specific DCPI # to have the stockroom people pull them for you.

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