Gifts from Friends and family for my birthday

My birthday recently passed as as usual it is really no big deal. But I got a few gifts from my aunt and local friend that deserved a blog post as well as my Tattoo Artists gift to me to begin my back piece.

My aunt being a San Diego resident as well as a San Diego Chargers Season ticket holder for as long as I can remember sent me some kick ass new jerseys along with some cool window stickers for my car (which I was retarded and didn’t snap photos of) and Gisselle’s Halloween outfit (which there will be a post after Halloween with her in it!

The Castillo jersey has 3 San Diego Charger players signatures. Coleman the Defensive end, Osgood, DB Pat Shaw. The jersey is now currently getting framed for permanent wall hanging.

2009 bday gifts (4)

2009 bday gifts (3)

2009 bday gifts (5)

2009 bday gifts (6)

2009 bday gifts

2009 bday gifts (1)

I also received this kick ass PS3 game from a bud I have worked with for many many years here in VA. he is know as “THE VIKING” AKA JUAN AKA TREE AKA BIG ERIC.

2009 bday gifts (2)

And Lastly my Tattoo artist hooked me up with the start to my back piece.

back start tattoo


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