Estevan Oriol LA WOMAN Photo Book

I had gotten the heads up about Estevan Oriol’s LA WOMAN book release via NOBUENO.COM (linked in my blog roll to the right). And also read up on it via Estevan’s blog also on the right side in my blog roll. I pre-ordered it via Amazon and patiently waited its arrival. Once I received it the photos inside are amazing . Being able to see the skill of Estevan’s finger/eye tandem in catching brilliant photos definitely makes me want to follow and learn that same skill. Each photo seems to tell a story (one I don’t know but am sure is interesting). The moments, attitude,dedication and sincerity in every shot is breath taking. I am glad to have had an opportunity to see the beautiful women of Los Angeles through Estevan’s Lens. If you have a chance check it out and purchase this book. As above it is titled LA WOMAN by Estevan Oriol, published by Drago. You can check out click the blogroll link to the right and follow the directions to order a copy) and cop a signed copy by the man himself as well as possibly grab a few of his kick ass shirts.

Estevan oriol LA women


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