Very poor visit to The Cheesecake Factory

My family and I received gift cards to The Cheesecake Factory in Virginia Beach from friends. Now this establishment I am sure is well known for good food and service. However our visit was a complete waste. Our service was horrible waiting 15 minutes just to place a drink order and another 20 minutes to order our appetizers and main entrees. Now in sitting here, the ambiance in cool but after waiting 35 minutes to get our food and have drinks refilled was angering me. We finally got our food after 45 minutes. And it was cold to room temperature at best. My wife sent her food back to be reheated and I sent mine back and asked to drop the item from my bill. And still as I type sitting here on my Blackberry my drink glass is still empty and the parties to either side of us have gotten their desert and checks and we have yet to be visited again by the waiter. Oh wait he just stopped by to talk about his son and tony hawk Wii game breaking his TV. What the hell? He whisked away my wife’s and daughters left over food I assume to box up, and never did he once ask about my meal or refill my beverage. After returning with the food boxed up and check he disappeared again not to ask us about desert or if we needed anything else.This is by far he worst restaurant I have visited in quite awhile. I am sure this will be the last visit of mine to this “high end” establishment. I am totally happy with hitting the regular restaurants in the area. The upper class people can keep their bullshit bird food bistro type spots.


One thought on “Very poor visit to The Cheesecake Factory”

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