Jae Bueno X Fatlace


A good friend of mine in Los Angeles has always supported my and gave me very valuable information for years. For many visits he and his family have graciously invited myself and friends into their homes, introduced me to their family and taken me around to various places and introduced me to numerous big time members of the LA car scene. For this I am TRULY GRATEFUL. And seeing his most recent post he has been asked to join Fatlace’s blogging team (this is a BIG thing in the blogging world). I just wanted to say Congrats Jae Bueno!! You deserve this because of all your dedication and hard work to what you do. And also KARMA for being a GREAT friend on the “other coast”. If any of you can check out the Fatlace blog and Jae’s blog both on the blog roll to the right you won’t be sorry. Check out this guys impeccable car show,graffiti, and portrait photos. You can also check his photos out in any recent Heavy Hitters or Lowrider mag.


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