Family Visit To Disney World:Florida Day 1

We landed in Florida yesterday morning and Gisselle was SUPER SURPRISED!!!


The look on her face when we were scooped up by the Disney World Transit bus was priceless. Seeing the pool she was double shocked. We are staying at the ALLSTAR MOVIES resort. Our themed complex is 101 Dalmatians. The courtyard is guarded by the mother and father dalmatians which are at least 40 feet tall.


The room was laced with all the animated movie stuff from bed covers, posters, and wall coverings. And we were greeted with a towel origami Mickey head.


The pool had a Mickey sorcerer from Fantasia that shoots water streams over the pool.


DSC_0051 (2)

DSC_0042 (2)

Then after swimming seeing grandma show up put her over the top!

DSC_0001 (2)

We decided to visit Hollywood Studios for a short visit. But got some great shots and saw some very cool venues.

DSC_0021 (2)




DSC_0019 (2)

We saw this kick ass Old Skool White Walled Cadillac parked by a shop and took a few snaps of it.

DSC_0059 (2)

DSC_0057 (2)

We just made the first visit a short day so we could get back to the resort for a little recouping from the long day. We will be back to Hollywood Studios before we leave for sure!


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