This Past Weeks Absence San Diego Comicon Related

As most of my subscribers of this blog and friends alike knew I headed to San Diego last week to attend the San Diego Comicon. I had a family member call me last year telling me that they were able to get me 2 adult 4 day passes for the event. So being stoked off that I made the flight and rental car reservations.

Fast forwarding to last week a co worker and I arrived in San Diego ready to pick the passes up and get the actual passes with our names and bar codes on them. Well we got the straight fucking run around. It seems we planned this trim into a scam. My cousin made some elaborate story as the person who had the passes couldn’t be reached and wasn’t returning phone calls. And the day before she needed $450 to fix her car and the day we inquired about the passes her car was fixed.

So my bat senses told me she had received the passes already and SOLD them and in turn screwed us on this SPECIFIC trip. Without spending too much thought or effort on this shame deal I quickly flew into plan B. Which my following post will be the fruits of that plan. As a whole the trip back home was GREAT. But it would have been top notch if the reason we had came out wasn’t a straight up sham. Fuck now you can’t even trust family….


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