Chicago Toy Fair and GreenLight Collectibles

Diecast Manufacturer; GreenLight Toys, Joins the Fun at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Representing the classic toy car, this trend setting company proves it’s never too early to start a hobby

Indianapolis, IN (November 8, 2010) GreenLight Toys is a premier manufacturer and marketer of officially licensed die-cast replica vehicles in Indianapolis, IN, USA.. GreenLight’s manufactured models vary from Indy Cars to muscle cars, sports cars, trucks and police cars. All are incorporated into fun-to-collect product themes including Hot Pursuit, Auction Block®, County Roads®, Motor World and many more. The die-cast models are offered in 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64 scales and are sold to customers in three different segments – mass retail, hobby and specialty retail and the custom and premium market.

GreenLight will exhibit at this year’s Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG), bringing their collectible die cast to a new market within the hobby industry; kids! Diecast cars are a classic toy in the history of playthings, so it is only fitting that GreenLight represents their presence at ChiTAG, the largest public gathering of toy and game lovers. Spectators will include media, members of the industry, and families ready to have fun.

GreenLight’s display at ChiTAG will consist of an interaction station, where kids of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to play with the cars, inspect all the parts, race, wheel and flip. A Giant Road Carpet will be provided so that guests can pick out a car and travel here, there and everywhere via the giant roadway. They’ll wind their way all around the town, providing unlimited educational and play adventures, helping kids develop motor skills while driving their own toy cars to school, stores and down the streets.

As the event is inventor themed, a member of GreenLight Production will also be in attendance to answer questions on our die cast process and the details of creating and designing an authentic licensed replica vehicle. “A significant amount of research is done based on perceived marketplace viability and collectability, as well as researching which vehicles have not been produced by other manufacturers” says Chaz Gilbert, Production Manager giving a little insight on how GreenLight chooses which car to cast.

To learn more about GreenLight please visit and feel free to stop by the GreenLight booth at ChiTAG, we would love to chat and introduce you and your family to a new toy and a fun hobby.

For more information about the Chicago Toy and Game Fair please visit


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