My Mom’s big move

I recently had the opportunity to move my mother from Virginia to Nebraska into my grandmothers old house. So I took pictures before the updating and she fixed it up and supplied new pictures. This is the transformation:


nebraska 2010 (50)

nebraska 2010 (51)

nebraska 2010 (52)

nebraska 2010 (53)

nebraska 2010 (54)

nebraska 2010 (55)

nebraska 2010 (56)

nebraska 2010 (57)

nebraska 2010 (58)











5 thoughts on “My Mom’s big move”

  1. What a wonderful transformation. Looks like a really nice house. Know that Kathy will really be comfortable in it…Just hope she is as comfortable with the mid-west weather…..Thanks for the update.

    Peggy Rasmussen

  2. I have made some more changes, baskets, pictures, and do dads caaaach keys the girlie things, looks homey and warm, come visit. Now am waiting to play in the yard. Still have to do something with the cupboard doors, waiting for the time when something looks good and then there is another project. Want to put in new windows, and a deck off the kitchen nice Kathy

  3. There have been some new stuff added, caaaaach keys girllie stuff, pictures, baskets pictures, flowers, doooo dads makes it more homey and personal looks just like me, come visit. I want to get new windows, moms last request, a deck off of the kitchen, and want to update the cupboard doors, then I can concentrate on the yard, what a great yard, fun stuff. Love Kathy

  4. Geeeee what can I say Kathy —– The House really looks wonderful. Cannot wait to see it. Have to wait for the snow to leave. Welcome back to Nebraska. Jo

  5. Kathy,

    I am so proud of you and all of the accomplishments you have made to the house. The deck sounds good like PARTY TIME THIS SUMMER!! I think it is vey comfortable amd homey, with a very warm feeling. I LOVE IT!!! I also love this little site you have made, if only I could figure out how to upload a picture!!!

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