1:64 Dioramas Series 4 Debuts New Entertainment Licensing

GreenLight highlights famous silver screen settings and memorable racing events.

Indianapolis, IN (January 11, 2011) The New Year brings many treats to the GreenLight Collectors and the first series to utilize this fresh feel is 1:64 Dioramas Series 4. By reaching out to production studios GreenLight has obtained Hollywood licensing permissions to replicate scenes from cult classics movies; Animal House and Apollo 13. Aviation Mustangs and Road Racing Machines finish up this Seires to make for a highly collectible set and entertaining additions to this popular product line.

Animal House was the first film produced by National Lampoon; a pop culture magazine in the 70’s. Many of the magazine’s writers were recent college graduates who combined their fraternity experiences into a cult classic movie of cliché college personalities and hilarious antics. The Diorama spotlights smooth talking Delta frat boy Otter’s awe-inspiring sports car. The candy apple 1959 Chevrolet Corvette could be seen many nights parked at the Rainbow Motel on Old Mill Road. A beautiful machine adding an alluring edge to his greasy woman chasing overactive ego!

Appollo 13 tells the story of the lunar flight operation by the same name and the astronauts involved. There are two other stars in the film, a 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 and a 1970 Chevy Corvette Stingray. These two beauties share the big screen for a racing scene. As the real Apollo 13 mission took place in 1970 both of these cars embody the feel of an era as well as the personality, status and adrenaline seeking manner of those individuals that explore the final frontier.

Mustang AV’s displays two aviation inspired automobiles. The AV8R and AV-X10 were both one of kind offerings from Ford Motor Company to commemorate their support of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Both rare machines feature a glass roof, special front and rear fascias, custom wheels and V8 engine. The AV8R debuted at the 2009 Oshkosh, Wisconsin Air Show and the AV-X10 was inspired from the P-51 Mustang Fighter planes from WWll. Both cars were sold at the EAA Gathering Eagles Charity Auction.

Road Racers commemorates the non-sponsored driver owned cars that are racing in professional and amateur events. The spirit that pushes these drivers and teams links back to the zenith of road racing found in pony-car showdowns, which are celebrated by the two cars in this diorama; Bill Maier #22 1968 Ford Mustang and Sam Posey #77 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A.

1:64th GreenLight Dioramas Series 4 Assortment includes:

1:64 Animal House – 1959 Corvette and Three Characters
1:64 Apollo 13 – 1965 Shelby GT-500 and 1970 Chevrolet Corvette 427
1:64 Mustangs AV’s – 2009 Ford Mustang AV8R and 2010 Ford Mustang AV-X10 “Dearborn Doll”
1:64 Road Racers – Bill Maier #22 1968 Ford Mustang and Sam Posey #77 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

greenlight mustang avs

greenlight racing diorama

greenlight animal house

gl apollo 13

These replicas feature opening hoods, detailed engines, real rubber tires, metal body and chassis, detailed graphics, custom license plates and are officially licensed. Each scene will vary in production quantities as some of dioramas will be solid packed in assortments. This release will be available in February 2011 at Toys ‘R’ Us and Meijer and your favorite hobby shops and online dealers!


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