GreenLight grabs the attention of some major Police Departments

gl hot pursuit series 6

1:64 Hot Pursuit Series 6 includes State Police departments from across the nation

Indianapolis, IN (February 10, 2011) Starting the new year with the police after you is never a good thing, unless your GreenLight Collectibles! Hot Pursuit has been grabbing the attention of National Police departments from coast to coast and it is shown in the newest release. State departments and highway patrol vehicles are a majority of this set making for a great and collectible trend that GreenLight intends to continue into future releases.

“The larger departments take this series to a higher level of collectability,” said Vice President Russell Hughes, “We have our sights set on all 50 states!” You can expect Hot Pursuit to deliver this goal and not in the fashion of your “other” die cast manufactures; GreenLight makes it a note to work very closely with each department. Reaching out for stock photos and collecting the permission from Commissioners and Police Chiefs. Making 1:64 Hot Pursuit® the Authentic Police Department Diecast Collectible.

1:64 Hot Pursuit Series 6 includes:

1989 Ford Mustang Nevada Highway Patrol

2008 Ford Crown Victoria El Paso Indep. S.D TX Police

2008 Ford Crown Victoria Florida Highway Patrol

2008 Ford Crown Victoria Tennessee State Trooper

2008 Ford Crown Victoria South Dakota Highway Patrol

2009 Dodge Charger Arkansas State Trooper

All materials used are authentic with real rubber tires and complete metal body and chassis. Each police vehicle has custom detailed graphics and license plates. and official licensing by the respective automobile companies and police departments make each of these cars authentic replicas and incredibly collectible. Quantities are limited to 7,000 units each, and will be available in March 2011 at Target, Toys R Us, Meijer and hobby retailers.


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