GreenLight offers two 1:18th Series with individual and unique marks in Automotive History

The larger scale Black Bandit and Auction Block focus on significant machines within each product theme

Indianapolis, IN (January 5, 2011) 1:18 Auction Block and 1:18 Black Bandit will be released simultaneously within the die cast market for their upcoming release in 2011. Both Vehicles have impressive and monumental back story on how they came to be, where they have been and where they are going.

Auction Block showcases actual cars that have been placed into the competitive buyer market of sale by bid. The cars that have experienced such are chosen for their substantial selling price or elaborate past. This series is a 1:18 1966 Shelby Cobra CSX3034.

greenlight shelby cobra

Ordered through Carroll Shelby’s Hi-Performance Motors on May 9, 1966, the Shelby Cobra CSX3034 was picked up at the factory by its first owner Dale Kelley. Built to S/C specifications and finished in White with Black interior, Black side pipes and equipped with quick jacks. The CSX3034 was traded, sold, purchased and passed hands numerous times. Many of the owners added features, altered paint schemes and administered restorations. It has won several awards and trophies and even ran some autocrosses until 1970. CSX 3034 remains in exceptional condition, still in S/C configuration and is fully documented, including in the Shelby World Registry.

Black Bandit which is GreenLight’s triple black theme gives an outlaw look with black body paint, black interior and black rims. The feel is entirely revolutionary rebellion. GreenLight continues with the German Engineered Volkswagen make into the third release of this internationally successful series. This series is a 1:18 1966 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

gl kharman ghia

In 1950, Karmann approached Volkswagen with a design for a new vehicle. Karmann had a working relationship with Volkswagen. The idea was initially rejected by Volkswagen so Karmann approached the coach building company Carrozzeria Ghia of Turin who built the first prototype of the vehicle. In 1953, Nordhoff, the head of Volkswagen at the time, gave approval for the vehicle to be built by his company. On July 14th 1955, the vehicle was unveiled to the public.

These 1:18 die-cast replicas feature detailed engines, real rubber tires, metal body and chassis, detailed graphics, custom license plates and are officially licensed. Their release is scheduled for beginning of 2011 and will be available through official GreenLight hobby shops and wholesale dealers. For more information about GreenLight’s 1:18 scale and other quality collectibles visit


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