The misses and I went to go watch Fast Five today and after the movie I took her to Red Lobster for an early birthday lunch. Everything was going fine and our waitress seemed to be doing just fine and we’ve never had a problem before today. The only thing that was odd was that the waitress asked us if we were in a rush or if we were taking our time. That seemed pretty odd. I ordered the Seaside Shrimp Trio. I must say that I was very disappointed because the Shrimp Linguini had no Alfredo sauce, instead it was soaked in butter. There was hardly ANY Alfredo sauce and when I lifted the fork, it was dripping with butter. I told the waitress that I wanted new pasta without all the butter, so she took it back and said she would have them make it again. The waitress brought the dish back and AGAIN it was soaked in butter!! I put the napkin on top of the pasta and it was soaked in butter. You can see all the butter in the pictures. even after using 2 full sized napkins to soak up the butter pools you can STILL see the visual pools of oil/butter on the dish. Again, I told the waitress and asked to speak to a manager because I wasn’t going to eat this stick of butter. The manager came over to our table and after I explained to her and SHOWED her how much butter there was in the pasta. She then said that they try to make their dishes healthy for the customers by using Canola Oil and that if they don’t mix the sauce and butter well then it doesn’t come out right. I told her that I had already asked to have it done right and it wasn’t, so I wanted to have this taken off my bill. For a few minutes the manager has a smart response for what she can do and what was wrong with the dish. I got my bill back and she subtracted 2 beverages. When i waited another 5 minutes to speak to her again about the problem being with the food not the beverages she finally arrived. In a back and forth question session with the manager she finally rolled her eyes, sighed, and headed off to fix the bill AGAIN! Finally she arrived the bill was adjusted and I paid and headed on my way. This experience definitely shows why I might not show up to Red Lobster for awhile if not again. The price of food she represent the quality you receive. It casts no doubt in my mind why many of the restaurants are going under do to horrible customer service as well as poor food quality.

Many people would say without pictures it didn’t happen, well here are the pictures I took before the table was cleared off…


The napkin pile soaked


and the fork after trying to pick up the pasta




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