2011 Funko POP HOLIDAYS Vinyl Figures

Being it is the festive time of year to celebrate Christmas, I grabbed these little bobble heads at the store. I also liked the shows these figures represent when i was younger so that was another reason for a purchase.

2011 pop holidays santa claus

2011 pop holidays rudolph

2011 pop holidays bumble

2011 pop holidays snow miser

2011 pop holidays heat miser


8 thoughts on “2011 Funko POP HOLIDAYS Vinyl Figures”

  1. My favorite Christmas cartoon is A Chipmunk Christmas (Alvin and the Chipmunks). There’s something about those squeaky little voices that brings me back to my childhood. I actually had the record (yes, vinyl) of this song and played it over and over until the grooves wore down. And every time I watch the movie, I still want a hula-hoop! Please visit 12 Blogs of Christmas: Yummy Cookies to read Natalie’s part of the 12 Blogs of Christmas.

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