The loneliest drive……

This Post Was Born On My Drive On The 605 Toward LAX on My Way Home. Out Of All My Trips Back Home To The West CoaST For Visits Today Has To Be THE LONELIEST Drive Ive Ever Experienced In My Life.

This Trip Was Dedicated Visit To A Great Man,Father Husband, And For Me A Friend. My Friend Is Dying Of That Fucking Bitch Cancer. As I Type This I Am Still Tearing Like A Bitch. THe Empty Feeling I Have At The Moment Is Undeniably The Worst I Have Felt. To See My Friend Wasting Away And There Is Nothing I Can Do To Help.

As We All Bitch ANd Rant About Our Bullshit Material Lifestyle ProBlems, Work Issues, Relationship IssueS….This Man And His Family Are Facin A REAL ISSUE. As I Bitched AbouT Going Back East, Looking Into His Eyes…What The Fuck Am I Bitching About????

This Man Has The Undeniably Strong ROck Support Of His Family, Especially His WiFe! I Cannot Even Imagine The Strength Needed To Keep The Demeanor She Carries For The Family.

As I Sat And Listened To Them Describe Their relationship Beginnings During An Interview Today The Deepest Love And Caring Was Shared With Glances And Touches Along With WOrds. An Amazing Interview Of The Amazing Life Of My Friend And His Wife.

With The Time Clicking The Departure For LAX was On For Me. I Had To Bounce, With A Hug,KisS, And Words This May Be The Last Time I See My Friend Fighting This Fucking Bullshit Disease. I Pray With The Hundreds Of Other Supporters, Friends, Family Locally And Worldwide!

I Can EasiLy Humble Myself And Openly Admit With Him I Would Be A No One In This Car World. He Opened The World And Doors For Me. As Tears Still Welled Up That Sums My Feelings During My Loneliest Drive Ever. I Pray Strong That My Friend Will Give This Bitch Cancer The KO Blow!

I Love And Respect You And The Family Friend!


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