Jada Toys 1st shot COE

I had recieved this on a trip to Jada Toys HQ in City of Industry , California.

jada proto coe

jada proto coe (1)


Blu Ray Exclusive Lightning McQueen 1/15,000 units

This was a limited release of the Blu Ray Lightning McQueen. You were able to get one of these cars when you bought a copy of the movie CARS on Blu Ray disc format, and then entered the online code inside the package on DisneyRewards.com. You paid $3.50 for shipping and recieved one of these cars. I as well as other ordered a few and recieved 3 to 6 times more than the number we ordered…Lucky us….

brmcq (1)


New Arrivals

newgets (2)

The Esso Supra Late version #6 was a very sought after model. As was the original verson #1. I finally have both and am very happy with this latest acquisition. The detailing on all Auto Art models is amazing, but to me the Super GT series is incredible!

Ebbro is another favorite of mine. Their detail quality on a 1:43 scale car is amazing!
Zent Cerumo SC430 Super GT 2007

newbs (7)

Houzan Tom’s SC430 Super GT ’07 #1

newbs (6)

Nismo Z Super GT500 Test Car 2007

ebb 350 test

Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza Super GT ’07 #77

super gt wrx

Forum Engineering SC Super GT ’07

super gt sc430

Calsonic Impul Z Super GT 2007 #12

super gt calsonic

REAL NSX Super GT ’07 #17

Super gt nsx

Hello bloggers


Hey, what’s up? I guess it is time for me to enter the blog-life. So here we go…I am a husband,father, and avid collector of Japanese diecast cars, as well as a few US market cars. I mainly dig anything imported, from the 60’s to current. I also grab any of the Pixar Movie cars for my daughter and once in awhile will grab one for myself. I also buy various vinyl art figures from all over, the more graffiti related the better!This blog will mainly highlight purchases or different aspects of living here on the dreary East Coast of the US. Life and vacations will be covered as well as my sportbike adventures. I enjoy the few friends I actually keep in touch with regularly, as most people in my general area are ALL fake or just jackasses I would rather not be around…

Hobby Photographer Covering Car Shows in the Mid Atlantic Region