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I had the opportunity to shoot again for LiveWire Media for their 2nd Hot Rod Custom Car show. This one had a side event in a chili cook off which was pretty cool to experience.

drag chevy II (12)

flamed chopped merc (17)

green chopped merc (33)

green chopped merc (15)

hot rod drag truck (14)

pro stock 1955 chevy bel air (2)

pro stock dodge drag car (8)

pro stock drag ford truck (1)

pro stock drag ford truck (4)

pro stock group (2)

motorcycles (2)

motorcycles (9)

motorcycles (25)

gmc sonoma bagged truck (1)

mater truck

muscle ford truck (1)

old school cadillac deville (6)

old school cadillac deville (4)

old school cadillac deville (7)

ricky ashworth pro stock ford f100 (2)

three the hard way russell (13)

three the hard way russell (24)

three the hard way russell (2)

watered down

white rat rod (6)

white rat rod (5)

altered suspension (1)

clean topless old school ford bronco (1)

calvin local legends (2)

old school mustang (2)

race ready mustang (1)

MORE coverage here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.333346630169484.1073741961.180260265478122&type=3


GreenLight Motorworld Press Release


For Immediate Release:

Item #96030 - 1-64 Motor World Series 3(2)

GreenLight Collectibles has the World in the Palm of their Hand

Highly successful 1:64 Motor World introduces its third release and continues to shine the spot light on International Car Models

Indianapolis, IN (July 14, 2010) As motor vehicles become increasingly vital to everyday life, the automotive industry has grown to be one of the most important economic sectors and viable enterprises in existence. This revenue is one that proves to be essential to the well being of the respective manufacturing countries. These countries that produce the cars that we internationally adore are the focus of GreenLight Collectible’s highly successful series 1:64 Motor World.

GreenLight’s greatness has hit pandemic proportions as its reaches every corner of the globe. To continue to move forward with this conquering reputation GreenLight created the third release of 1:64 Motor World representing global manufacturers as well as appealing to international and domestic die cast collectors. The 1:64 Motor World Series is also the most economical line offered by GreenLight with a MSRP of $2.99.

1:64 Motor World Series 3 is sectioned into three different sub-series- Classics, American, and Speed. Those cars that are placed into the “Classic” sub-set are distinguished vehicles, well-known for their appearance and performance. The “America” collection contains manufacturers indigenous to the home of the brave and “Speed” sub-series include those vehicles that could rip the road apart.

1:64th Motor World Series 3 includes the following twelve vehicles:

* Classics – 1958 Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster – Blue
* Classics – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Red and White (Firestone)
* Classics – Mini Cooper – Red with Black Stripes and Top
* Classics – Volkswagen Samba Bus – Yellow with White Top
* Classics – Volkswagen Samba Bus – Beige with Olive Green Top
* Classics – Volkswagen Samba Bus – Teal with White Top
* American – 1955 Chevy Bel-Air – Black with Grey Top and Silver Trim
* American – 1956 Ford F-100 – Black
* American – 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C – Blue
* American – 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am – Black
* Speed – 2003 Dodge Viper SRT/10 – Yellow
* Speed – Jaguar E-Type – Midnight Navy

All twelve cars from Series 3 will be available at Toys ‘R’ Us and Gordmans throughout the United States and through GreenLight Hobby Distributors/Wholesalers and Online Dealers around the world beginning in September 2010.

1:64 Motor World die-cast model cars feature 100% authentic metal bodies, plastic chassis, authentic detailed wheels and are officially licensed by the respective automobile companies. As with GreenLight Collectibles offerings, the “Green Machine” chase car program carries over into the Motor World line with 2% of the production run manufactured in alternate schemes to provide the marketplace with the rare vehicles the collector craves.

GreenLight® Collectibles are officially licensed by General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Group LLC, Carroll Shelby Licensing, Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, Grand-Am Road Racing Association, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Bridgestone Americas. Motor World items are produced in collaboration with HIGH SPEED Metal & Plastic Products Mfg. Co., Ltd. who furnishes Jaguar Cars Limited, Lamborghini Artimarca S.p.A., Porsche AG, Land Rover, Daimler AG, BMW AG and Volkswagen AG licenses.

Public Relations Contact: Allie P. Rudd | GreenLight Collectibles | Sales & Marketing Coordinator | 2605 East 55th Place | Indianapolis, IN 46220 USA | p. 1.317.287.0600 Ext. 108 | f. 1.317.205.3501


I have scored throughout my area on ALL the Disney CARS exclusives at Target set for the christmas resent October 11th. I found out the inventory numbers and hit every single store and had everything brought from the back room. Not bad for a 7 Store run and more than $1,000 spent. VERY NICE!

I was able to get 7 cases of the pitty n crew sets these will be feature later in the week.


7 Cases of final lap CARS


final lap sets (1)

And 5 cases of the Old School Story Teller 3 CARS sets


Hot Wheels Redline Club VW Drag Bus Membership Car

On HotWheelsCollectors.com. There is a Club that goes by the name Red Line Club or the RLC. Every year they open the club memberships to first previous members then new comers. The RLC enables to you first crack at HWC exclusive car releases/sets/clothing/etc..While you pay for the membership per year and in turn you renew/begin your membership. You will receive an exclusive sign up car that usually comes in 4-5 colors The color break down of the colors is predetermined on membership numbers 01-3,000 is the first color, 3,001-7,000 next color and so on. So the earlier you get your order in the better chance you have at getting a more limited numbered release color. This year’s club car was the VW Drag Bus in 4 color/deco schemes. I got in on the 2nd series (REDLINE FIRE DEPT scheme) It’s a pretty nifty little vehicle.

RLC VW Drag Bus Redline Fire Dept.

Hot Wheels Classics Series 5 ’47 Chevy Fleetline Chase

The 1947 Chevy Fleetline (Aerosedan) has been a staple in the lowriding community for quite some time. Being referred to within the lowrider community as a BOMB. The old school class this car possesses is incredible. Whether you slap 13 inch spokes on it and hydro it or go with the whitewalls with original moons and bags it stands on its own within the current car building culture.

With that being said Hot Wheels has replicated the beauty of this car within its Classics line up and the “chase” vehicle with real rubber tires sets it off (it should have ONLY been released with rubber tires in my opinion)! But I was more than happy to shell out the $4 for it and bring the “BOMB” home with me. I can see glimmers of Felix the Cat and license plate charms as I type this!

HW Classics 47 Fleetline

HW Classics 47 Fleetline (1)