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I had the pleasure of attending the Westside C.C. lowrider family picnic in North Carolina this spring, and I can say I was in AWE of all the beautiful rides and awesome people that came out. I was welcomed by all and was able to snap photos of some of the baddest Mid-Atlantic lowriders on the streets!


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A new GRILL pickup

With the summer season closing out I had the opportunity to pick up a grill rather inexpensively. So I got the beast home and put it together and of course got to business. This BRINKMAN grill is pretty cool and cooks pretty well. However I think I still prefer the charcoal cooking for taste. But I think I need to do a little bit more cooking to be sure.

grill (2)

grill (1)

grilling (1)

grilling (5)

Atlanta Trip Pt. 1

Since my plant had a holiday shutdown for the July 4th weekend, Alma, Gisselle, And i decided to surprise my mom and brother in Georgia with a visit. A quick 9 hour trip and we got there and super surprised my mom during her early morning walk. With no clear plans on what to do aside from July 4th fireworks we did whatever popped up during the trip.

The Georgia family has a cool cat named Max. A cool mancun (sp) kitty. He was very playful and entertaining. He is a very spoiled cat with Daily walks on a leash, special foods, and a toy box just like a child.


He definitely enjoyed Gisselle and his outdoor playground.





We had a great couple of Grilling and Marshmallow nights.








We got to make a few fires in the firepit as well.





Happy July 4th Everyone!

Well figuring since it is July 4th I broke out the grill for some grilling action. Threw some Hot Dogs,Burgers, Sausages,and filet mignons. Gisselle got down with her bubbles and the kittens….well they were just lazies today…

Happy 4th of July everyone. Be safe enjoy your families and be safe! And most of all thank you to ALL the military individuals past , present, and future for providing us all with the freedoms we experience here through your hard work and sacrifices!

4th of july 2009 (3)

4th of july 2009 (5)

4th of july 2009 (8)

4th of july 2009 (6)

4th of july 2009 (9)

4th of july 2009 (2)

4th of july 2009 (1)


Happy St. Patricks day to all who celebrate either from their heritage side or just the going out to drink green beer with friends.


I decided to whip out the family passed down slow cooker pot and rock out some home made corned beef and cabbage. Six hours after preparing and cooking the food it is done! The final product doesn’t look that great, but damn it sure tastes GREAT! I have the rye bread and swiss cheese standing by for one hell of a mean sandwich! So if you are cooking,eating, or out celebrating have a GREAT St. Pattys day! Rock that green and be safe on the roads!

corn beef (1)

corn beef and cabbage

corn beef and cabbage (1)

Gisselle gets to cooking!

Well with this being my birthday week, I was lucky enough to have too many vacation hours at work that needed to be burned up, so I took the whole week off. This was a great chance to spend time with family! So with that in mind Gisselle and I got down in the kitchen to make an Enchilada Casserole, which my mom made for me when I was younger. Kinda like bringing back the childhood memories and making some damn good food at the same time. Gisselle, being the “big girl” she is insisted she help me cook, so I couldn’t pass up the help! Definitely a cool bonding experience!

Gisselle hooking up the tortilla placement. Layer after important layer of goodies!

Gisselle Cooking

Gisselle Cooking

Gisselle Cooking

Time to wrap it up in a cocoon of aluminum foil to bake in the taste.

Gisselle Cooking

And the after shot of baking! ****YUMMYY******

Gisselle Cooking

It weighs a good 10lbs total, so this piece doesn’t do it justice, but DAMN it TASTES GREAT!!!!

Gisselle Cooking