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Hot Wheels Classics Series 5 ’47 Chevy Fleetline Chase

The 1947 Chevy Fleetline (Aerosedan) has been a staple in the lowriding community for quite some time. Being referred to within the lowrider community as a BOMB. The old school class this car possesses is incredible. Whether you slap 13 inch spokes on it and hydro it or go with the whitewalls with original moons and bags it stands on its own within the current car building culture.

With that being said Hot Wheels has replicated the beauty of this car within its Classics line up and the “chase” vehicle with real rubber tires sets it off (it should have ONLY been released with rubber tires in my opinion)! But I was more than happy to shell out the $4 for it and bring the “BOMB” home with me. I can see glimmers of Felix the Cat and license plate charms as I type this!

HW Classics 47 Fleetline

HW Classics 47 Fleetline (1)

Larrys Garage Classic Packard and Bone Shaker

The Classic Packard is definitely one of those memorable “old time” gangster cars from the Bugsy Sigel and Al Capone flicks. Larry Woods and Hot Wheels captured it essence in the new school line called Larry’s Garage. This is the second color installment of this Packard, the first being a letdown orange color. I think the red sets the car off along with the red colored hubs wrapped in white wall rubber tires. And lucky for me this happens to be one of the “chase” vehicles with Larry Woods Initials on the base.

Larrys Garage Classic Packard

Larrys Garage Classic Packard (1)

I also picked up this tough looking Larrys Garage Bone Shaker. The gold spokes sets this car off! Along with the other gold accents. This casting has always caught my eye since its debut, but no even more so with the attention to detail with the colors and graphics. The purchase was a no brainer for me.

Larrys Garage Bone Shaker (1)

Larrys Garage Bone Shaker

From my understanding Larry’s Garage is a tribute to the man,the myth, the legend in the diecast world. Mr. Woods has received his own line to showcase the pieces he has designed,had a hand in working on, or just his favorite castings.

2009 Hot Wheels Larrys Garage Chase ’57 Chevy Bel Air

2009 has brought several new lines for Mattel Hot Wheels. The neatest so far is the Larrys Garage line. There is a “chase” version in this line. The chases are defined by Larry Woods signature / Initials on the base of the car. I found a 1957 Chevy the other day with the signature on the base.

Larrys garage chase 57 chevy bel air

Larrys garage chase 57 chevy bel air

Some end of the year Hot Wheels scores

I came across some new models as well as new deco’s for existing cars. Just thought they would add well to my collection.

Datsun Bluebird 510

Ferrari Spider F430,datsun 510

Ferrari F430 Spider

2009 Hot Wheel cars

2009 Hot Wheel cars

A little group shot including the 2009 deco version of the cockney cab and the Super Treasure Hunt Rockster.

2009 Hot Wheel cars

And I nabbed these this morning

camaro th

Miscellaneous Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Vehicles

Christmas this year has been an unbelievable time of year to score the elusive Hot Wheels TREASURE HUNTS from Mattel. I have probably come across at least 100 of them this entire year and half of that from October until now. Here are a few just recent grabs.

Super Treasure Hunt Rockster x 2

hot wheel treasure hunts

Regular Treasure Hunt Plymouth Road Runner

hot wheel treasure hunts

A Super and regular Treasure Hunt ’69 Camaro

hot wheel treasure hunts

Larry Woods Garage 1969 Ford Mustang

The newest test water line from Mattel is Larry Woods Garage. This line brings out Larry’s personal favorite cars and decorates them with very nice real rider rubber wrapped wheels,and very unique paint schemes. I really don’t like the domestic car side of things, but this mustang has a MEAN stance and attention to detail on this is top notch. The addition of a plastic base cheapens it a little but a metal bottom would have kicked ass! Either way this line is a nice refresher from the regular run of the mill bullshit Mattel has been trying to shove down thew throats of collectors in big box stores. I would even dare to say this is as nice or nicer than their RLC offerings.

Larry Woods Garage 1969 Ford Mustang

Larry Woods Garage 1969 Ford Mustang