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T.G.I. Fridays disappointment.

My family and I visited T.G.I Fridays this afternoon for an early dinner, and were very disappointed with the entire visit. We have ate there before and hadn’t had much issue with things, but today was horrible. We were seated promptly, as there wasn’t many people inside from what I could see. We got our menus,and the children’s menu minus crayons(seems they “ran out of them and someone went to the store to get more”). Not really a big deal. We checked out the menu and saw a mini advertisement for the 1/2 off ANY appetizer with purchase of an entree. We thought cool, the misses eyeballed the pot stickers and I eyeballed the appetizers to see if there would be anything I might want. I saw the appetizer sampler deal (Pick 3 appetizers for $12) and when our server came back I asked about that special and was told NO that wasn’t included. I then inquired why the insert ad said ANY appetizer with NO stipulation in the entire ad that any of the appetizers were excluded, I was again told no that appetizer option was not valid along with a Jack Daniels appetizer that was on the list. So passively I went along with that direction.

Onto ordering. I ordered the Sizzling chicken and shrimp meal (pictured a nice sized chicken breast seated and covered with cheese and a nice amount of Shrimp with a marinara sauce and a side of mashed potato’s) That looked good (I know the pictures ALWAYS look better than the restaurant items ). And I also chose the Boneless Buffalo wings appetizer. The misses Got the baby back ribs half rack and pot stickers for her appetizer.My little girl got Macaroni and Cheese and Mandarin oranges.

Onto to the wait. We waited about 20 minutes for the appetizers when our server finally asked if we got them, obviously not. So she hurriedly ran to the back to find out what the hold up was. Another 5-10 minutes went by and the pot stickers arrived still no sign of the Buffalo Wings. Along with the Pot Stickers that the misses Baby Back ribs arrived, I though appetizers were supposed to be brought before the entree kinda of like a snack before your meal to tide your wait. Guess not.Finally a manager brought the wings and said he would comp them, I asked about the pot stickers and was told they were there promptly, not even the case. So within a few minutes of receiving the buffalo bites MY entree arrives. The misses Baby Back ribs were to have onion rings on the side which never arrived,at this point I am not expecting them to. The ribs themselves were pretty dried out with very little BBQ sauce on them ( but for $9 you might want a little more quality than that). This begins the true fun.

The appearance of the meal was pretty ridiculous at best. The cheese that was supposed to be the bed of the chicken was non existent. The chicken breast itself was a good 1/4 inch in thickness and the size of a drink coaster. Along with the severely dried out shrimp (3 in total). The Mashed potatoes were as expected: 2 extremely over proportioned monster scoops to make up the visual space of the small “skillet”style plate. As soon as the Manager dropped the entree off, I inquired about the quality or lack thereof of all the items concerned. He said he would take it back to the kitchen and take care of it. Well, another 10 minutes passed ( well into an hour now before my my meal can be started) the manager brings the plate back, with the only change made was a bunch of chunky tomato marinara dunked on the shrimp. Less cheese now as it seemed they dunked the entire plate into the oven and burned most of the cheese onto the plate itself, dried out the chicken even more (definitely making it smaller) and of course the potatoes stayed the same. Our server came back by to check on things and I asked her to take the food back and remove it from my check. As she inquired why , I told her my direct concerns,and she told me, “Today was one of the best Sizzling chicken and shrimp plates I have seen.” That took me by total surprise especially for a $14 menu selection!!

In the end I paid my check and walked out very disappointed and SUPER reluctant to visit a T.G.I. Fridays again. This is not a blog to say T.G.I. Fridays is a crap restaurant, or the servers and managers are jerks, (our server and the manager did what they could within their powers I guess) but this is more of a rant to share with people that may have had the same experiences in shitty quality food. With the economy the way it is , losing customers for poor presentation, horrid food selection won’t be accepted. Customers want a decent meal for the price they pay and today that for sure wasn’t met except for the little girls mac n cheese and oranges. T.G I. Fridays step your GAME UP!!!!