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Some end of the year Hot Wheels scores

I came across some new models as well as new deco’s for existing cars. Just thought they would add well to my collection.

Datsun Bluebird 510

Ferrari Spider F430,datsun 510

Ferrari F430 Spider

2009 Hot Wheel cars

2009 Hot Wheel cars

A little group shot including the 2009 deco version of the cockney cab and the Super Treasure Hunt Rockster.

2009 Hot Wheel cars

And I nabbed these this morning

camaro th


Miscellaneous Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Vehicles

Christmas this year has been an unbelievable time of year to score the elusive Hot Wheels TREASURE HUNTS from Mattel. I have probably come across at least 100 of them this entire year and half of that from October until now. Here are a few just recent grabs.

Super Treasure Hunt Rockster x 2

hot wheel treasure hunts

Regular Treasure Hunt Plymouth Road Runner

hot wheel treasure hunts

A Super and regular Treasure Hunt ’69 Camaro

hot wheel treasure hunts