Hot Wheels 1:50th Scale 1989 Movie Batmobile

As a kid being in a single parent household with 2 other brothers I never really got the “cool” toys everyone else did. Life was pretty meager with alot of hand me downs and off brands toys. So now I guess is the “catching up” factor for me. Hence the hundreds of toys posts right? But with that being said Batman has always been a cool character to envision and be like. What kid wouldn’t want to be Batman! Like the Joker said , “Where does he get such wonderful toys?” He does have some pretty kickass weapons/vehicles.

I came across Hot Wheels newest 1:50 Batman series release in the form of the 1989 Movie Batmobile. It came home with me to join the few other Batmobile Tumblers n such. The lineup looks great for 2009 as there will be Batwing,the 2008 Bat Bike and a few other gems in the series.

HW 1989 Batmobile (1)

HW 1989 Batmobile


3 thoughts on “Hot Wheels 1:50th Scale 1989 Movie Batmobile”

  1. Have the series2 1:50 scale hot wheels Batman items (Batwing,1989 Batmobile,and Batpod) come out yet and when did they ship?

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